Customer Talk


An innovative London Print and Media Management Company

“We used VDNS to move our entire telephony infrastructure from our serviced building into a new rented building; we were using a dated phone system, using BT analogue lines. VDNS planned the whole telephony move after a series of consultations with staff many months before the move. These preliminary meetings with the team gave us confidence in the moving process and constant reassurance the solution would be delivered as proposed. We moved into new offices with a fully resilient internet service composing of a primary leased line circuit with an ADSL backup, then we were running VoIP handsets across that network & from initial consultation to full implementation the process has been seamless; yes, there were small hiccups as you would expect with a move of this magnitude, but VDNS&s willingness to resolve any problems, no matter how small, took away the potential stress from all elements of the telecom side of our move and we would like to put on record a big thank you to the VDNS team.”

A major independent City Trader

“We embarked on a huge project to replace our trading platform that was becoming uneconomical to run due to the high maintenance costs and lack of spare parts. Additionally we were looking to replace our existing TDM phone system. Our initial plan was to replace like for like solutions, meaning installing a new trading platform and new IP phone system. After reviewing different trading platforms and various phone systems, VDNS advised that a combined solution would suit the type of business we do. This combined solution would allow trading phone applications on a seamlessly connected IP based telephony phone system, so not only will it provide the right tools for the job but will be easy to use in combination with back office solutions. Without the support, consultation and foresight of VDNS we would never have considered this combined option on the Mitel phone system. The installation went very smoothly and was overseen by first class project management. In a time critical project move, replacing two key systems in our business, we are happy to report the project was delivered on time, within budget and very smoothly & a great job.”

A leading global media company has a number of agencies in remote locations throughout the world. Each agency runs a traditional TDM phone system with local ISDNs connected, generally BRIs (ISDN2) for the smaller agencies and ISDN30s for the larger agencies. All these agencies are supported by the global helpdesk based in the UK, but require local support in each agency country, in case any telephony issues arise. Can you imagine a centrally based hosted VOIP solution that just requires internet connection at each agency to provide DHCP and IP addresses to make the Polycom phones work? Well that is what VDNS have provided to the agencies in the Asia Pacific region, and all provisioned remotely and supported from the UK.

A leading City Law Firm

“As a leading law firm, having a robust, secure and super fast data service, whether carrying Voice or Data, is incredibly important to our partners. We sat down with VDNS to review the incumbent telephony solution that supported our Cisco call manager including disaster recovery. VDNS came up with a solution that not only provided our customer with the correct amount of voice bandwidth but a cost effective DRS that would be easy to implement. The change from suppliers went very smooth and happy to say the DRS has only been invoked once and worked perfectly. We were so pleased with the voice solution that we purchased additional data services from VDNS in our new office location.”

A Foreign State Bank

“We chose VDNS to support our corporate phone system and contact centre due to their excellent customer service and support, totally eclipsing the support, or lack thereof provided by BT. It’s great to have access to a team of people who are knowledgeable and focussed on supporting our business. A welcome change from the last year and we are now looking to build our relationship with VDNS by incorporating other services.”

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