Hosted Phone System / PBX / VOIP

Hosted Phone System / PBX / VOIP

Hosted phone system, cloud PBX, VoIP or whatever the latest buzz word relating to this type of phone technology is simply accessing a multiple number of phone applications via a data connection via a private or public internet connection. This allows a user or company to choose or select the phone applications they actually need and negates the need for an on-premise phone system.

This form of VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology has grown increasingly popular with advancements in technology and reliability of the underlying connectivity.

VoIP solutions are generally based on a recurring cost model i.e. a rental cost per user per month, that includes all the standard PBX features. There are no annual maintenance costs and all software upgrades are included at the fixed monthly price.

Advance applications such as, Call logging, Voice Recording and collaboration tools like presence and availability, desktop sharing, video conferencing are all now available in this technology.

The key to a successful VOIP deployment is a fit for purpose data network and experience of installing traditional phone systems. As experts in both these areas, VDNS can design and build a fit for purpose network or recommend a network designed and tailored for the VOIP solution, where we will work with market leading VOIP technologies such as Broadsoft and Asterik to deliver your required solution.

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Hosted Phone System / PBX / VOIP

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