DC and Comms Room Cleaning

DC and Comms Room Cleaning

Increasing technological advances in server, data storage and network technology is having an effect on the way you as an IT Professional need to operate the environment in which your infrastructure operates.

Suppliers are increasingly telling you how Data Centre’s and Server Rooms should be set up with increased emphasis on HVAC protocols and the exclusion of contaminants (dust).

Dust can build up inside servers and block airways, heat sinks etc, which increase the heat produced within the server and eventually the room, therefore increasing power usage in the form of increased cooling needs both in the room and the servers (fans working harder).

It is now recommended that the cleaning of server rooms should be carried out regularly.

Whilst currently there are no specific specifications for the cleanliness of server rooms, data rooms, comms rooms or data centre’s. Along with Oracle, Cisco, Sun and EMC/DELL and the Data Centre Alliance; IT Cleaning have adopted a specification based on the ISO 14644-1 for clean room, critical environments and controlled environment cleaning.

Data Centre’s, Data Rooms, Server Rooms, Comms Rooms etc are controlled environments. This is ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 or better plus all accessible services free from dust. This international standard is often called a Clinical Clean or 5 Micron Clean.

Below is a list of the standard cleaning services undertaken by our team.

  • Data centre cleaning
  • Server room cleaning
  • Data room cleaning
  • Computer room cleaning
  • Media room cleaning
  • Media equipment cleaning
  •  Communication room cleaning

For further details please feel free to contact us

DC and Comms Room Cleaning

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