Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Relocating office can be a very stressful time for any business with the various tasks that need to be managed to ensure a seamless transition.

One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a new office is what ‘Network Carriers’ and Data services are available at the new proposed location. This is essential when considering lead times for proposed move dates (new data circuits can typically take a minimum 3 months) and to ensure that your business has decent connectivity at the new location to support all your voice and data requirements both now and in the future.

By working with VDNS we can help remove this stress where we are able to consult, install and provide ongoing support for all your voice and data requirements, including new data circuits, WiFi, telephone systems (Hosted or On-Premise), Lines and Calls (WLR3/SIP) where we can also migrate any existing telephone numbers that need to be retained.

As part of our service offering VDNS will provide a remote survey as soon as we have the new address and post code providing a list of all carriers that are ‘on net’ within the new building, including a breakdown of available services with confirmed pricing and lead times.

Where required, VDNS will work with the network carriers to ensure they provide any required Landlord Wayleave agreement to ensure (where possible) there are no delays.

In addition to the new proposed services, VDNS can also decommission and recommission any existing hardware equipment that you may want to retain or recycle this through our WEEE Regulation recycle process.

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Office Relocation

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