Energy Services – Gas & Electric

Energy Services – Gas & Electric

Working in partnership with Fidelity Energy, VDNS are able to provide an energy procurement and tender management solution to our end user clients.

VDNS have access to the broadest renewable generation portfolio in the UK where our chosen service providers continue to invest in the infrastructure the country needs to produce more green energy. Since April 2007 over £4bn has been invested in renewable sources of generation with over 2,500MW of wind (onshore and offshore) and Hydro assets.

Our renewable energy capacity provides a real bonus for companies that have to account for their Scope 2 emissions under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards.

While UK ‘standard’ electricity from any of the major suppliers reflects a mix of generation sources (including coal, gas and nuclear alongside renewable technologies), VDNS is 100 renewable energy enabling zero emissions reporting

Empowering customers to adopt a proactive approach to the procurement and management of their energy portfolio; we provide an effective route to market that offers impartial advice and transparency throughout the process.

Specialising in the procurement of multi-site portfolios and brands with prestige and heritage VDNS have solutions that can be tailored and are bespoke to each of our customers.

Using the collective purchasing power to get the best offers for every customer to consider, the combined on-supply volume of Fidelity’s customers has just surpassed 1TWh (1 billion kWh) and has established them as a recognised third-party intermediary within the energy markets.

Supplier Relationships

There are over 70 recognised energy suppliers in the UK and we are confident that our high standards in the procurement process and ongoing management of supplies and contracts are maintained by our suppliers. Working with Fidelity, we heavily vet all our suppliers to ensure that poor service or poor billing standards are not in our supply chain.

Based on this process we have chosen to partner with 21 of the best suppliers in the UK, including British Gas, SSE, Npower, Haven and Gazprom.

We recognise that not all suppliers will be the best fit for every single customer plus prices can vary by as much as 28% between the most competitive and least competitive depending on their procurement sweet spots. Therefore, we ensure that we provide a tailored solution, so our customer’s values and the most important products and services can be delivered.

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