Cloud Exchange Services

Cloud Exchange Services

Cloud services are being quickly adopted worldwide. The VDNS Cloud Exchange brings together cloud service providers and users, enabling them to establish affordable, private, high performance connections within our chosen carriers network.

Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection service that enables private virtual connections for direct cloud access with automated provisioning.

Within our DC’s, private access can be provided to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud with 2,500+ cloud providers residing within their facilities.

Key features of the Cloud Exchange include:

On-Demand Cloud Connection Automation – Our portal and APIs simplify the process of managing connections to multiple cloud services.

Global Reach – The data centers that host the Cloud Exchange are found in 20+ top-tier markets globally.

Secure, High-Performance Direct Connections – Direct connections within the data center are more secure and reliable and have lower latency than public Internet connections.

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Cloud Exchange Services

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