VOIP is probably the most overused acronym on the internet when reviewing modern telephony along with SIP, HOSTED and CLOUD. Yet all three words, VOIP, HOSTED and CLOUD can be used to explain the same voice service. Quite simply, a voice service that runs over an internet circuit can be called HOSTED voice, VOIP, or a CLOUD that all do the same job or mean the same thing. SIP is slightly different – the SIP connection is generally connected to an IP Telephony phone system rather than a remote hosted system. Regardless of the acronyms or words, at VDNS we embrace everything to do with VOIP to provide businesses with cost control, real time flexibility, real time scalability and manageability without the need to increase or decrease physical hardware by utilising the data network that is already in place.

VOIP maximises the investment already made in the data network, with generally some small tweaks on the firewall or routers to make VOIP work efficiently, this allows connectivity to any location in the world. The key to a successful VOIP deployment is a fit for purpose data network and this is where VDNS can help along with the recommendation for the VOIP solution.