Business Telephony Solutions

On-premise Business Telephony Solutions

On-site or on-premise telephony phone solutions can still play a major part in today’s busy technology environment; in fact 85% of companies still have an onsite IP telephone solution or legacy TDM phone system. Why are they still popular in today’s world? Apart from the need to be regularly maintained and updated, they provide a number of forms of connectivity, from analogue devices such as fax as door entry, to standard ISDN2 (BRI) and ISDN 30(PRI) to SIP. These on-premise solutions can cover all telephony requirements in one device in one main location or cover multiple locations across multiple devices.

Many organisations are adopting the ‘Trojan horse’ policy, as a cost effective way to access the new IP telephony world without the need to throw out all the legacy TDM phone system and handsets. The ‘Trojan horse’ option protects the capital outlay on hardware and software on the legacy phone system while providing access to new IP applications such as voicemail to email or mobile twinning.